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In an introduction to the essay, Oprah Winfrey told readers, "Since the day her son participated in the most devastating high school shooting America has ever seen, I have wanted to sit down with Susan Klebold to ask her the questions we've all wanted to ask -- starting with, 'How did you not see it coming.

It was estimated that if any of the bombs placed in the cafeteria had detonated properly, the blast could have caused extensive structural damage to the school and would have resulted in hundreds of casualties.

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An official statement was also released stating that there were 15 confirmed deaths and 27 injuries related to the massacre. Secret Service study concluded that schools were taking false hope in physical security, when they should be paying more attention to the pre-attack behaviors of students.

Patti Nielson, age 35, hit in the shoulder by shrapnel. And I believe that Dylan's brain health was the reason that he was involved. InEric and Dylan were caught stealing from a parked van near Littleton, Colorado.

Survivors and their families have been left wondering about the boys' parents in the decade since the shootings. In the piece, Klebold wrote: So, we clung to beliefs, such as you suggested, that he had been coerced or tricked, or that this was a prank that had somehow gone wrong.

I thought it was important to summarize the chronology of the facts from a rather objective source instead of relying only on media and documentaries. Kelly Fleming, age 16, killed by a shot to the back. He had applied at four colleges.

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The kids come home from school and they eat dinner and then go off to extracurricular activities, then they go to bed. Seventeen years later, Sue Klebold, the mother of Dylan, writes of a son she thought she knew, the parent she thought she was, a tragedy and its aftermath.

Her new book is, "A Mother's Reckoning. Oct 13,  · Columbine parents praise essay by mom of shooter FILE -This file yearbook photo from Columbine High School in Littleton, Colo. shows Dylan Klebold. The mother of the Columbine killer says she has been studying suicide in the decade since the high school massacre but had no idea her son was suicidal until she read his.

Sue klebold essay A decade after Dylan Klebold took part in the massacre at Columbine High School, his mother, Susan Klebold, finally talks.

Columbine Shooter Dylan Klebold's Mother Shares Story

Dylan Klebold, Columbine shooter as a child. Thinking about what happened during his life to take him from a innocent little boy to a murderer. The mother of one of the survivors of the Columbine High School massacre says she's glad the mother of shooter Dylan Klebold has finally opened up about her feelings about what her son did.

Sue Klebold, Mother Of Columbine Shooter Dylan Klebold, Says She Prayed For Son's Suicide. Dylan klebold mutter essay. Dianne Sawyer to interview mother of Columbine shooter Dylan Klebold | Daily Mail Online Hide Caption 5 of 21 Photos: Klebold and her husband had no idea that Dylan and Harris had dylan klebold mutter essay.

Susan Klebold Essay in O Magazine: Columbine Killer's Mom

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Essay mother shooter dylan klebold
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